Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Great Video from Millennial Woes on Traditional Morality and Nationalism

To be found here.

Standard disclaimer: Millennial Woes is an alt-right vlogger, but I do not agree with him about race and several other matters.

However, I really love his videos and think he's very wise. He has the Chestertonian trait of being five steps ahead of the posse; he's thought his way past all the obvious stuff already. And, like Chesterton, he tries to get things in perspective and proportion, to see a subject from every angle, to avoid mere debating points and deal with reality.

One of the jobs I've been doing this summer involves lots of work amidst the shelves with a laptop on a trolley. So I can listen to YouTube as I work. I've listened to loads and loads of MW's videos; I feel a bit guilty that I haven't tossed him a few quid (which I don't have). Maybe plugging him can compensate.

I especially like this video about nationalism. Of course, to me, nationalism is about culture rather than about race. But I like his general argument that nationalism has to be socially conservative. Ireland is a country with a strong (indeed, a dominant) tradition of left-wing liberal nationalism, one which never made much sense to me. I marvel that its adherents don't see its contradictions. I don't understand how republicans were willing to fight and die for a nation which, by their own ethos, might become a thing of the past within a few decades, through demographic and social change.

A benefit of nationalism that I think he leaves out; it promotes respect between the sexes, and between the generations. I'm not just talking about the nitty-gritty of procreation here. A nationalist tends to romanticize history and you can't romanticize history without respecting historic gender roles, and the contribution of both sexes to national history. Feminists are often offended that nations are usually spoken about and symbolized as feminine. I must admit that the disrespect in this practice is lost on me.

Also, nationalism tends to promote respect towards the elderly, since the elderly are the custodians of national memory and tradition. Even in our "pictures or it didn't happen" culture, lived memory is irreplaceable. Liberals and progressives may denounce ageism, and may do so in all sincerity, but their ideology itself doesn't have much to offer oldies, or give much reason to respect oldies.

Millennial Woes, I must admit, has been making me feel a bit dejected about this blog. My style is quite similar to his, in that I combine commentary on "big", public issues such as religion and culture with more idiosyncratic, introspective posts. So does he, but he's been much successful in a shorter time. Oh well.

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