Monday, July 31, 2017

The Enemy of Mankind

When I have drawn my dying breath
There will be wailing all around:
"He kept his madness unto death
 And by his stubborn pride was bound;
Until the day his eyes were shut
In endless sleep, with tears and groans
We begged and pleaded with him; but
He never looked at Game of Thrones."

The priest will sermonize me thus:
"Now brother Mal will never see

The rhapsody of blood and guts
That marks the end of Season Three;
Alas, alas, he now must lie
Where worms will leave him naught but bones
And-- yes, my friends, you well may cry--
He never looked at Game of Thrones!"

There are no flowers upon the grave
The headstone stands without a name;
The world has thought it best to save
His memory from such ill-fame;
But still, some passer by will stretch
A finger, and in whispered tones
Say to a friend: "There lies the wretch
Who would not look at Game of Thrones!"


  1. It's only on Foxtel here and we only have free television in our house, so you're not the only one. The first I'd heard of it was when Julia Gillard was pm of Australia, it was her favourite-which make one inclined to think it's hardly worth it.
    Now, how about a poem about everyone that tells you to attend the extraordinary form?

  2. I feel like I'm the only one!

    I wouldn't dare joke about the Extraordinary Form on this blog! Between you and me, my readership is mostly rabid traddies. But if I did, the refrain would have to be: "I do not like thee, smells and bells, the reason why I cannot tell.."

  3. Speaking of which-I forgot when I wished you a happy St Peter Julian day that the Novus ordo commemoration is tomorrow; when I went into a1960s catholic encyclopedia for something to copy on him I discovered that Auguste Rodin did a bronze of the saint, Eymard must have been important in his day... I had thought Rodin only did nudes

    1. Thank you! I think Rodin actually contemplated becoming a member of his order, but St. Eymard persuaded him that his vocation lay with art instead.

      I was interested by him, but I wouldn't call him one of my favourite saints.

  4. I only hadn't commented on this yet because I thought its charm merited something more eloquent than a mere "well done." Still haven't come up with anything original so. . .well done. I muchly enjoyed that.

    1. Thank you! I should say it's purely good-humoured whimsy, not even satire. I actually enjoy crazes like the Game of Thrones craze.

      I'm quite proud of the last verse!

  5. "the rhapsody of blood and guts" Ha ha.

    1. Its fans seem very enthusiastic about the gore.