Friday, September 28, 2018

Into the Amazon

For the next while, I'm going to be posting reviews on Amazon-- first, of all the things I've bought on it over the years, and then of other stuff-- books and films mostly.

I'm doing this to promote my own book. It's an idea suggested by a book about plugging your book, which was recommended by a friend. (Thanks, Roger!). It seems like a fairly painless way of doing it.

I'd posted some Amazon reviews already, over the years (only a handful), but under the alias Mally Malone. I've changed that to "Maolsheachlann Ó Ceallaigh, author of Inspiration from the Saints". This is perfectly OK, according to the book, and indeed Amazon let me change it to that, so it must be OK.

The hope is that people will say: "Wow, what a well-written review. I'm going to order his book right now!".

If you want to read my reviews (anything is possible), this is where to find them. I plan to add many, many more over the next while.

(I'm shocked eight people marked my review of the album Meet Jim Dale "helpful"! Even after eight years, that seems like a lot...)


  1. It would be good to hear the pitfalls too.

    1. Are there things that are better not purchased this way?

    2. Not really. I've only had positive experiences except for once or twice (out of lots of stuff I've bough on Amazon) when delivery was delayed. In both cases I was sent a replacement with no argument (and ended up getting both). Anyway, the purpose of the reviews is more to review the product than the website itself.

    3. Bought, not bough. It's a pain that you can't edit comments.

    4. It might be with noting that our local shopping centre had been without a bookstore for some time now, but, proving that they're not extinct yet, a business that we're not too familiar with here,QBD has opened there last week. I bought two on Saturday, it tends towards the more budget-price contrasted to others we've had here, but still carries a good stock