Monday, January 9, 2023

In Memory of Pope Benedict XVI

You sought the Truth and now you know the Truth.
You loved the Truth and now that love is whole.
A soldier of the Cross, a gentle soul
Who steeled himself to guard the Absolute
From the apostles of the Relative.
You bore the burden that you never sought
Far from your heart's desire of books and thought.
You died when you had taught us how to live.

Dear scholar Pope, bowed down by years of care,
Now God has freed you from your awful weight.
Open the doors to Christ, you told us, share
The gift of love. Seek out the narrow gate.
Borne to the Lord on the Church's wave of prayer
Pray for us also, Benedict the Great.

(Many thanks to Dominic N. for suggesting some improvements to this poem, which I've incorporated-- including the entire last two lines.)


  1. Wonderful — exactly right, and beautiful. Thank you!

    What a wonderful Pope he was. I consider myself privileged to belong to the Benedict Generation!

    1. As you should!

      Even though I never really practiced my faith during his pontificate, I consider myself part of the JPII Generation. But they were a double-act, after all!

      Thank you for the kind comment.

  2. Smartly, rightly done!