Sunday, August 5, 2012

Why are Orthodox Christians considered Homophobic...

...just because they believe the sex lives of practicing homosexuals to be immoral?

After all, the chances are that most of a Christian's friends (and often their family) will contravene traditional Christian morality in their sex lives. How many people in our liberal, secular world-- even conservatively-minded people-- observe Christian ethics when it comes to sex outside marriage, contraception, pornography and masturbation?

And yet nobody expects Christians to hand out questionnaires about bedroom behaviour before they agree to go for drinks with colleagues or accept an invitation to a dinner party.

I am not denying that homosexual behaviour may be a graver sin than cohabiting outside marriage. But I do think it seems very unfair to single out Christians for their condemnation of one sin against chastity-- a condemnation that they rarely voice, in everyday life, and are usually baited into voicing when they do.

(P.S.: I have used the term "orthodox Christian teaching" here because I believe that many of the Protestant churches have lost even the orthodoxy they retained on this subject. But there are still orthodox Christians-- orthodox in this respect, that is-- amongst them.)

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