Thursday, September 27, 2012

Why is the Irish Internet so Overwhelmingly Liberal?

Today I found myself looking at this rather depressing display of prejudice on a popular Irish website, (Personally, I wish pro-choice activists would have the courage of their convictions and carry banners and put up posters that show an aborted child.)

But it's not just that site. is full of commenters competing to come up with the most anti-Catholic, anti-family, anti-tradition screed imaginable. Since I work in UCD, I sometimes look at the forums for UCD, and it is so left-wing it is falling off the edge. And if you want a walk on the wild side, spend five minutes on, where I've read commenters dismiss the notion of journalistic objectivity as a kind of fascist tool of repression.

I guess the answer might be that most Irish people of a religious or (though I hate to use this pretty vapid term) conservative disposition have better things to do than to mess around on the internet-- like raise children, go to Mass, read books, pray, farm, volunteer, and socialise in a civilised manner that doesn't involve the use of an avatar and an outlandish handle.

But it seems a pity to leave Hibernian cyberspace to the enemies of life, the enemies of the sacred, and the enemies of tradition.


  1. Same thing here in America.

    It's full of Liberals who claim they support Gay Marriage but in reality it's because of peer presure they suppoort it.

    Not supporting Gay Marriage does not and should not automatically mean you are a racist.

    Most people who do not support Gay Marriage would NEVER harm somebody who is gay. They simply believe in famlily values and working out problems with each other.

    Love isn't about having sex one minute and filing divorce papers over petty arguments the next.

    What should be done is to leave the scene of the arguments to cool off as confrontation is risky straight from the get go.

    Only the 5 percenters of Anti Gay Marriage would be evil and the Liberals senstionalize these 5 percents to make everybody who doesn't support the Liberal agenda look bad.

    Media loves to sell fear. They live for it.

    In other words Liberals do what they claim others do.

  2. The other big reason why there is so much difference between Liberals and Republicans are they both use faulty bibles to argue for or against God.

    The bible has gone thru a dozen retranslations of retranslations to the point certain meanings are lost like the "Thou Shalt Not Be Killed" in Hebrew means "Thou Shalt Not Be Murdered" which is the basic moral value of life everyone should obey

    Like I said The bible has gone thru a dozen languages with English being in last place so we get the most errors. Lucky us! :p

    I've learned that if you really want to know the bible you have to understand basic Hebrew meanings of certain words.

    There are so many glaring errors if you know even the slightest bit of Hebrew which you can find online using the right sites that are not Anti Bible.

    It's like the giant elephant in the room nobody seems to see.

    Anti Bible people will never admit this because they rely on the same faulty bible when arguing with Christains and when this fact is pointed out they all go silent to the point you can hear a pin drop.