Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Query

I found myself wondering today if many readers of this blog read my articles in The Catholic Voice newspaper? A couple of people mentioned that they do, in comments, but I do wonder what cross-over there might be.

It's such a strange sensation, to send your thoughts out like a message in a bottle, and to have such a foggy idea of where they might end up. But I suppose all writing is like that, even writing graffiti on walls. (I never wrote on a wall in my life, but I'm utterly fascinated by graffiti.)


  1. Hi M,

    I don't take the CV regularly, but when I do come across it I read your articles and enjoy them. I enjoy most of the articles in it, to be fair. Some, I suppose, do come across as a little paranoid! And there is some great info in the ads. I could read it online, I suppose, but I find the website a bit awkward. Funnily enough, the offices are only about 20 min up the road from me in Athy. I'm tempted to drop in and check out their books & see what the prices are like minus the postage!


  2. A message in a bottle was a nice way of putting it! I guess one must wonder, and must often continue to wonder... As you said, I think it´s basically the same regardless of form and forum.
    About graffiti, a thing that I never have found really beautiful: not long ago I saw somewhere on the internet some new examples made in Italy (don´t remember where, maybe Rome) that if I remember right were made by Christian artists, with some motive of Papa Francesco on display, and that was more artistic than most other examples I´ve seen from Stockholm etc. This was more like "ordinary" art and somehow more "in harmony" and - more fun to see.