Monday, September 15, 2014

An Apology to Any Frustrated Commenters

I love getting comments on this blog. I try to reply to them all, and this is hardly onerous as I don't get all that many.

However, I do get a huge amount of spam comments every single day, which I imagine is the common plight of every blogger. In the past, I filtered through these to make sure I wasn't deleting (or ignoring) any real comments. Comments which are posted anonymously are particularly at risk of this.

Recently, however, I've become so fatigued by the constant deluge of spam, and the blog itself has been so dormant (you probably can't qualify the word 'dormant', but I don't care), that I may have missed some. I found myself almost ignoring one today because I assumed it was a spam comment.

So heartfelt apologies if this happened to you. I really didn't mean it.

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