Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Calling Dublin Catholics

I'm interested in finding out what the best parishes in Dublin are in terms of liturgy, community, demographics (i.e., a good mix of generations, families attending together), Mass times, churches open outside Mass times, eucharistic adoration, activities, and so forth.

I'm not just interested in city centre parishes (every time I ask about churches here, the responses tend to be focused on the city centre) but suburban parishes as well. I'm interested in both.

I'm also interesting in hearing about the ones to avoid....and, really, any feedback is good. Anyone who worships in Dublin and who wants to report on their own parish or ones that they know about, please do comment or email me directly at Maolsheachlann@gmail.com. (I won't bother disguising that email address from spambots, as I don't think I can get any more spam than I get already.)

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