Thursday, April 23, 2015

International Catholic Blogging Ring-- My Latest Crazy Idea

OK, here's another of my crazy ideas. I thought it might be fun to have an international Catholic blogging ring-- that is, an association of Catholic blogs from different countries.


For the heck of it. As a demonstration of Catholic universality. So we can share information and ideas. So we can broaden our horizons. So we might occasionally guest blog on each others' blogs, or write on similar themes. And for the heck of it-- did I mention that?

This is my idea:

1) The ring will contain ONE blog from each country. So Ireland is already covered.
2) Any Catholic blogger in another country who reads this post is welcome to leave a comment joining the blog ring, and should then follow this up by posting a similar post to this one. It will be fun to see how far it will go.
3) They don't have to be English language blogs.
4) When this gets off the ground to any appreciable degree, we could publish a central site giving links to all the blogs.

 Don't be shy! Please get in touch! This will be one ring to end them all!


  1. An interesting concept, but what would you have done to choose one blog over another? I understand what you're going for, but I think limiting the numbers of blogs for each country is a bit of a restraint.

    Perhaps some kind of Catholic blog alliance would work?