Thursday, May 28, 2015

My Free Poetry Collection, and Other Stuff....

Readers who have been reading this blog a while may know that I've serialised some fiction (all otherwise unpublished) here in the past. My novel The Bard's Apprentice was serialised here from beginning to end, and I was gratified by the response it got.

I had started serialising other works of fiction, but it's been dragging on years now and several of them remain half-serialised.

So I decided, why not just send them to whoever wants them? If anybody wants them.

If anyone wants the whole of The Snowman: A Horror Story, just send me an email. (Though I should warn that it is really a first draft and there is at least one character who appears rather portentously and is never mentioned again. But it is a coherent narrative, of some sort.) And the same goes for my collection of Daisy Duke horror stories A Hundred Nightmares, with prologue and epilogue. I think I've published about two-thirds of these here, but I never got round to publishing the rest.

Also, some people like my poems, so I think I will cobble together all the poems I have on my hard drive and send those too. (Unless you beg me not to.) I can then give them a collective title, which I always wanted to do. (Addendum, a little later: I have now put together a collection to which I've given the title When the Wind Howls on a Winter's Night. It includes many of the poems I've published on the blog, but quite a lot of unublished ones. I had fun putting it together, including some photographs I'd taken myself, along with others I robbed off the internet. Free on request.)

I write to be read. If nobody reads something, and it just gathers e-cobwebs on a computer hardrive, what's the point?

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