Thursday, June 11, 2015

Drink Herbie

Our modern world is hectic and intense.
It doesn’t always make a lot of sense.
The man of business quits at half-past-five
And comes home to the parlour half-alive.
Can things be different? Yes, and here’s the way
Just drink a glass of Herbie twice a day.

Herbie revives the spirits, cheers the soul,
And works for men like you from pole to pole.
The formula is secret, but be sure
All our ingredients are safe and pure.
And all the nation’s finest doctors say
To drink a glass of Herbie twice a day.

Poor Mary-Jane! Her Tom’s a different man
Since his new duties at the bank began.
They go to dinner; Tom’s too tired to dance;
Must good old M.J. live without romance?
No, Mary-Jane! Tom can be bright and gay
Give him a glass of Herbie twice a day.

Poor Tommy Junior’s heart is sad and sore;
Dad doesn’t want to play catch anymore.
That wretched bank! But Junior, just tell Mom
Herbie will cure what Senior suffers from.
We mix it here, in Hermitage PA.
Dad needs a glass of Herbie twice a day.


  1. It sounds like smashing stuff, I have to say.
    Can it be bought outside the U.S.A.?

  2. You bet it can! From London to Kabul!
    The whole world needs two daily glasses full!

  3. Very nice poem. It seems like a lot of poets have to have at least one drinking poem.