Monday, January 4, 2016

Support New Irish Drama!

A colleague of mine is part of a new theatrical venture, which can best be described in their own words:

Black Box to Red Carpet (B.B.R.C) is a new collaborative venture by a group of emerging actors keen to create new work. We are a mix of ages, genders, nationalities and backgrounds but with one shared passion – acting!

We wanted to be involved in the creative process from the beginning so we began a project to produce our own work. Thus began “Black Box to Red Carpet”. Our group is expanding and we hope to continue collaborating with new actors, production crew, writers and other theatre talent both amateur, professional and somewhere in between. We aim to produce a blend of original and non- original work. For our first production we have chosen a detective mystery play. This show is scheduled to run in February and will officially launch B.B.R.C Theatre Company. After February we plan to hold meetings and writing workshops and develop our own scripts for future productions. 

Their crowdfunding page can be found here. They are also looking for people to be involved in the company, whether as spectators, cast or crew. Go on, give them a dig out!

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