Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A Time to Keep Silence, and a Time to Speak

I deleted my last post, because I felt it was incoherent and confused, and I feel that may be a cue to let this blog rest for a while.

I do worry, often enough, about the words I let out into the world (or the world wide web, at least) and whether they are having an influence for good or for ill.

Our Lord told us we will have to give an account of every idle word we let fall, and I fret I have spoken and blogged many idle words, though I hope that not all my words are idle.

I hope anyone who visits this blog finds the contents interesting, entertaining, perhaps even inspiring. Most of my readers will already know to judge everything I write (and everything that everybody else writes or says) against the authoritative teaching of the Catholic Church as expressed by its Magisterium, not only as regards its substance but as regards its emphasis and spirit. But, in case there is anybody reading here who doesn't know this already, I am saying it now.

After pouring forth so many words, I feel called to listen for some time-- how long or short, I am not sure. To listen to God, of course.

Pray for me! I will pray for you.

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