Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Thank you!

Thanks to the reader who went me the picture calendar. Very much appreciated and a lovely surprise. Thank you!

It's always nice when people send me things, but I'd hate to think anyone ever felt obliged to dig into their pockets...I'm very appreciative that people read the blog, comment, pray, etc. 

This year I'm planning to try to make the blog a bit less idiosyncratic and hopefully a bit more solid, with more researched and informative articles, on the subject of Irish Catholicism. I might try to push it more on Facebook and Twitter. So sharing there, or elsewhere, would be appreciated.

I have another article coming out in Ireland's Own soon, about C.S. Lewis. The editor said it would come out at the earliest opportunity in a monthly issue (as opposed to a weekly issue). That would be my third article in Ireland's Own, which pleases me.


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