Wednesday, June 20, 2018

On a Calendar Picture of Bondi Beach

When was that day, so far away,
That far-off day on Bondi Beach?
What did they talk about, these folk
Who sunned themselves on Bondi Beach?
Of all who stood there on the sand
Who was the last to take Death's hand?
I seem to hear the sea-gulls screech

On Bondi Beach.

If only every instant were
Just like this sketch of Bondi Beach!
If every moment, everywhere,
Was solid like this Bondi Beach.
If every action, motion, laugh,
Endured just like a photograph
Eternity would be in reach
Like Bondi Beach.


  1. I wonder did anyone else in the whole world get the inspiration to write a poem when they turned to that page?

    1. Well, I find picture calendars especially poetic. Always have!