Thursday, February 7, 2019

Five Hebrew Words Every Christian Should Know!

This is exactly the sort of article I was writing about a few blog posts back, the sort of article that (I think) adds to the stresses of life by telling us another little thing we should know, do, see, eat, etc. etc.

The author concludes: "The Bible is the most incredible book. All of us have only begun to dip our toes into the vast depths of its riches. Obviously it is an amazing blessing to have the Bible translated into English. But as our language and vocabulary continue to morph, it is worth our time to seek out the original, precise meaning of key words. We want to make sure we are accurately hearing what God is saying."

Yes. But there are so many other things people should do and attend to. It's never ending.

I think an article like this is very fine in terms of its content. It's the headline I object to.

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  1. Knowledge is good. But knowing about Christianity is not the same as practising it. By their fruits shall he know them.