Wednesday, February 26, 2020

An Carghas

So today is Ash Wednesday, or Céadaoin an Luaithrigh as we (should) say in Ireland. Ahead of us stretches the liturgical season of Lent, or An Carghas.

This year I'm going to give up blogging for the duration. Along with Facebook, Twitter, and posting on internet forums. (Unless my role as administrator of the Irish Conservatives Forum requires me to post.)

This year, I also plan to read my way through the Lenten messages of recent Popes, which can be found on the Vatican website.

Paul VI

John Paul II

Benedict XVI

Pope Francis

I wish you a joyful and holy Lent! Talk to you again at Easter!

(The picture is, of course, a joke. I don't know the spiritual beliefs of Dirk Benedict.)


  1. The same to you, Mal! Have a very good Lent.

    Dirk Benedict got off more lightly than I did today!

    1. Thank you!

      Mine are usually invisible after a few minutes!