Tuesday, November 30, 2021

The Great Christmas Debate, and Gerard Manley Hopkins

The Christmas annual of Ireland's Own is now on sale, and it contains my two-page article "The Great Christmas Debate". I put a lot of work into the article and I'm very happy with. It's all about the different opinions various people have expressed on the subject of Christmas. The cast includes C.S. Lewis, Charles Lamb, Washington Irving, Hugh Leonard, George Bernard Shaw, American columnist Erma Bombeck, and English sociologist Kate Fox.

This edition of the magazine must sell very well, as there seems to be at least a dozen copies on sale in most of the places I've seen it. It's over a hundred pages long and full of cosy nostalgic festive spirit, so it might be a good accompaniment to your mince pies.

My first article in St. Martin's Magazine is out now, too (though I haven't seen it yet). It's the conversion story of Gerard Manley Hopkins, and it's hopefully the first in a series of conversion stories. The second, which I've already submitted, is on Malcolm Muggeridge.


  1. Am not in Ireland, so won't be able to get hold of these, but congratulations!

    1. Thanks!

      It's funny how there's a different "prestige" to the printed word and blogging. I love the printed word as much as anyone, but I'm rather disappointed that so many of the people I know only take the printed stuff seriously. I'm very grateful to those who have been reading my blog all along! Blogging actually offers far more scope in many ways.