Thursday, December 9, 2021

Buy the Brandsma Review!

Any readers in Dublin might consider buying the latest issue of The Brandsma Review, which is now available in the Veritas bookshop in Lower Abbey Street.

I have never actually read this magazine myself (unfortunately), but I've posted for many years on The Irish Catholics Forum, which is a sort of hub for some of those involved in the publication. They are all serious, committed, sane, intelligent Catholics so I have no doubt it's an excellent read.

Producing a magazine is a heroic feat, especially today when everything is online.

If I'm in the vicinity of the Veritas shop, I might buy a copy myself, although to be honest four euro is quite a splurge for me so I might not.


  1. When did that start up in print again? It had gone online or have I memory loss?? Sinéad.

    1. I'd heard the same thing so I was surprised!

    2. Oh thank God - I have been having a week of it with the old brain matter. Night and God bless to you and yours.