Monday, May 29, 2023

A Painting from my Childhood

I painted this when I was nine or ten and it was up on the wall in my school for years. I remember adults making a bit of a fuss about it at the time. They thought it was very clever that I painted it from behind. I was bewildered because I didn't see anything clever about that. It's a picture of me, my mother and my two brothers. The clothes are historically accurate.

It's the only piece of creative work I saved from primary school. The next thing I have preserved after that are some English exercises from first year in secondary school. We were not a scrapbook sort of family, more's the pity. (My late father's massive archive of material, printed and manuscript, has almost completely disappeared. He never kept anything.)


  1. Movement, colours, defined people with their own way of going. That's really good Mal. May your mother's soul rest in peace. I see her fight against the wind. Stick that painting up on your kitchen wall. Sinéad

    1. Thanks so much, Sinéad! I guess it does have those qualities. Thanks for the prayer for my mother, too.