Thursday, February 29, 2024

Leap Day

Today is the 29th of February, a day that only rolls around once every four years, or so.

As readers will know, I'm very interested in days, holidays, seasons, and so forth. But especially days. I've written about it in many posts. This one, for instance.

Leap Day is an interesting one because there's so little fuss about it. I think there should be. It's a day when the intersection between the day-to-day and the year-to-year-- different "streams of time", that is-- comes to the fore. A mysterious liminal space, like a crossroads or a lobby.

Perhaps it should be a day when we all look back on the last four years (or however long it's been since the last leap day). This could be the subject of articles, TV and radio shows, podcasts, etc.

Or perhaps we should have leaping competitions. Or leaping dances. Or eat salmon, which is well-known for leaping. (Vegetarians could have salmon-shaped pastries or chocolates, as indeed could non-vegetarians. Maybe we'll just leave the real fish be.)

I did hear some people talking about it in work today. One person suggested we should have an extra day's pay for an extra day's work. This caused some hilarity and was repeated from person to person.

Happy Leap Day!

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