Thursday, May 24, 2012

I Loved This Post so Much...

...I just had to link to it

I actually discovered it by searching "Athanasius" and "badass" on the internet. I'm not really a fan of contemporary lingo, but I'm reading a history of the Church right now and, after reading about St. Athanasius of Alexandria's no-compromise, no-prisoners, gung-ho defence of Catholic orthodoxy when both the Church and the Roman Empire seemed to have been utterly conquered by the Arian heresy, I realized that "badass" is the perfect adjective to describe him. He was the John Shaft of the saints.

If I ever have a son, I think I might give him "Athanasisus" as a middle name. He is now officially my favourite saint (after Our Lady, who is the greatest of all saints). Athanasius contra mundum indeed!

"If anyone can be singled out as a saint for our times", says the author, "surely it is Saint Athanasius". I entirely agree.

And the blog is pretty badass, too, though I only read one post. It's written by a twenty-year old American Catholic who was ten years ahead of me in realizing that all the powers of this world have one mortal enemy, and that enemy is the Catholic Church.

It looks like there is a whole generation of young Catholics growing up who are fully clued in to the utter banality of secularism, the dead end of liberal religion, and the galloping romance of full-blooded orthodoxy. God be praised!

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