Tuesday, May 1, 2012

This Could Be My Favourite Ad of All Time...

I think it's my favourite modern portrayal of Irishness, too. The fellow looks as though he is an executive of some kind but not by any means a "suit", and certainly not somebody whose mental and cultural horizons are limited to the Dow Jones and the ISEQ. He looks and talks like a man at home in the twenty-first century, but not cut off from his national or human heritage, either (as you can tell from his easy references to Yeats and Friel, Godot and Gulliver, Dracula and Dorian Gray.)

I wish this was what being Irish in today's world really looked like. It's a nice ideal.

I think one of the things I dislike most about modernity (or perhaps I should say postmodernity) is a kind of stiffening of the imaginative and cultural arteries. Pop culture, consumerism, liberalism, libertarianism, atheism, careerism-- all of them seem, most of the time, to inolve a shrinking of the mental world, a foregrounding of the here and now and of the business at hand, a simplification of the world into rights, or into cashflows, or into empirically measurable phenomena. A freeman of poetry and history and philosophy will never suffer from that kind of claustrophobia, and will regard the pageant around him with a certain twinkle in his eye. Like this raffish fellow.

I love the music, too. So expressive of wonder and anticipation-- rare commodities in our jaundiced and ironic era.

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