Friday, March 29, 2013

If Jesus Came to Earth Today...

...what would be his profession, politics and religin? That is the rather pointless subject of a special Good Friday edition of the God Slot, the RTE radio religious programme.

The discussion is between a Church of Ireland priest, a rabbi, a theology professor from Trinity College, and Mary Kenny. Ms Kenny-- who is very interesting when she is not rhapsodising over royalty and other VIPs-- was the only one making any sense. One of the men (I think it was the rabbi, but I'm not sure) suggested that Jesus would make straight for a Reformed synagogue. Another suggested that Jesus would be an African woman. The most ludicrous suggestion was that Jesus would become the head of an NGO.

If Jesus came to Earth tomorrow and became the head of an NGO, I would instantly become a Sikh or a Hindu.

What's the point of discussions like this? Surely Christ knew exactly what he was about when he chose to enter history in the time and place that he did? Surely he became a carpenter for a reason? Surely he became a country bumpkin for a reason? Surely he became a male for a reason?

We don't have to guess how Jesus would choose to come to Earth. It's all in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. And when he comes again, such theoretical discussions will be the last thing on anybody's mind.

Unless you don't believe that Christ was divine, of course. But if you don't, then who cares what he would do or say?

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