Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I Don't Even Want to Talk About This

I am so tired of talking about homosexuality. A former President makes the most predictable and clichéd comment imaginable about the Church's stance on homosexuality, and expresses an opinion that everybody knew she held already, and somehow it's not only news but a top headline.

Two of my colleagues in work were discussing her remarks approvingly today. One of them made a comment about how everybody in Ireland was brainwashed by priests (who were supposedly treated as gods) a few decades ago. I didn't say anything. I just let it pass. (I overheard this rather than being involved directly in the conversation.) I feel a bit guilty but I get so worn down.

It never seems to occur to them that they might be the ones who are brainwashed.

The other person in the conversation did mention that, apparently, Church attendance was said to have risen this Christmas. I heard the same thing from my father. If this is true, it's wonderful, and something to be grateful for.


  1. I would guess the only reason it's making headlines is because the referendum coming up this year. Who cares though? Who really cares for the opinions of dissidents like her?

    I wouldn't worry about the anti-Catholic remarks of your colleagues too much. I've heard all those excuses before. The brainwashing comments are very ironic in this day and age.

    In the end it's all just another pathetic attempt at trying to make something look significant when it's not. I do like how McAleese refers to it as "my" Church though. Pretty amusing.

  2. I don't worry about the anti-Catholic remarks, but I do worry about whether I should respond to them or not, or just let it pass.

  3. It probably depends on how loud they were talking. If they were trying to be heard then I'd say you could, but if not then maybe not since it might look like eavesdropping. Easier said than done of course.

  4. I was close enough not to be considered as eavesdropping. I just didn't feel up to it. Anyway, the little incident inspired by latest VIEW FROM THE PEW in the Catholic Voice-- presuming it gets published!