Wednesday, January 8, 2014

To Michelle on Two Hundred Days of Marriage

I never knew Americans
Put funny red and green caps on
Before they give each other gifts
On Christmas Day. How my heart lifts
To picture you so solemnly
Putting it on in front of me!
You looked just like a little girl--
The sweetest elf in all the world.

It is two hundred days since we
Exchanged vows of fidelity
And four years since the day we met--
But, oh, the sights I won't forget
In that short time! I see your face
In many a different time and place--
The supermarket, the merry-go-round,
The Luray caves deep underground,
And more than I can mention here
And all of them to me are dear
But none more so, my second self,
Than you as a pretty Christmas elf.

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