Sunday, July 6, 2014

This is an Interesting Site

All about Father John Sullivan (1861-1933), Irish Jesuit and Servant of God. He only came to my attention recently, when someone mentioned him at a Belloc meeting. His life is interesting. His mother was a Catholic but he was raised a Protestant. His father was Lord Chancellor of Ireland. He converted to Catholicism at the age of 35 and started training as a Jesuit at age 40. After that, he lived a life of intense self-denial and service. He had a reputation for healing which continued after his death.

Here is the site. The video 'The Boy from Eccles Street' is worth watching. (So is the other video, but it's not quite as good and repeats a lot of the same material.) I really like the narrator's voice and method of delivery. It's the kind of educated, urbane Irish accent that was very popular for such presentations until recently. It still is, but to a lesser extent. The announcement on Irish rail are made in such an accent. (The late Colm Murray is another example.)

The Irish accent is very fashionable these days. When I went to America, they loved it. (Really.) But I don't think all Irish accents are nice. I think some are horrible, though I diplomatically won't say which. (Mine I would consider rather unappealing.) But I love the kind of accent I've described above. It makes me nostalgic because it's the kind of accent that would be used to narrate educational videos that I'd watch in school, or on school trips to museums and so forth. I guess I've been feeling nostalgic a lot recently.

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