Monday, February 2, 2015

Check That Hog Out There!

Well, it's Groundhog Day....again....and I've noticed from my statistics that my review of this, my favourite movie by several country miles, has had a spike in hits. So here it is, for everybody else.

(Of course, it's really Candlemas day, as we know...)

I thought I was a Groundhog Day nut, but I'm in the Little League compared to Robert Black of the Groundhog Day Project Blog, who watched the movie every day for a year. (I don't have that kind of stamina. I don't plan to watch it today, or even for some time to come, because I'm scared of wearing it out.) He's now progressed to analysing other movies, and I have to say it's interesting. It's one of the very few blogs I read these days. (Have you ever noticed the phenomenon of blog burnout? No matter how much you like someone's writing, and their way of seeing things, after a while you feel-- or at least, I feel-- that I've absorbed all I can of what they have to say. For a while at least. I usually come back eventually.)

As for my own beloved readers, I'm sorry I haven't spoken in a bit. I've been writing my Catholic Voice and Open Door articles as usual. I'm going to give a talk on Chesterton in a couple of weeks that I will put on the blog afterwards. And I got in touch with someone in my local parish who is interested in putting my hymns to music-- so we'll see how that works out.

I hope you are all well. I do pray for you all but I have to admit my prayer life has been rather subdued recently. I don't know if you have that experience....but sometimes, I just sit in front of the Blessed Sacrament and open my heart without words-- or do the same thing as I go about my daily business. At times like that, the only intentions I really keep in my mind are my most regular ones, and whatever is happening particularly at the moment.

Happy Candlemas Day! And happy Groundhog Day!


  1. Very exciting to hear that your hymns might be set to music! Do you think you will send the finished articles off to a publisher?

    Thanks for posting the 'Open Door' columns - a great read.

  2. I might send the articles to a publisher-- I don't really know anything about publishing, or what makes for a good book proposal. Directly or indirectly, I hope they will feed into an eventual book.

    I'm glad you like the Open Door articles. I don't think anyone has ever gone through Chesterton's works chronologically like this before. I would be very happy to write the column into the distant future, but who knows what will happen? When I was younger I had a dream that I was watching a performance by a travelling stage company in my local shopping centre, and that this company went all round the country dramatizing an episodic saga. Since that dream my mind has been fired by long-running serials and features, especially obscure ones.

    I'm excited about the hymns too-- in fact, I am more excited about hymn-writing than any other sort of writing!