Monday, November 21, 2016

John Waters on the End of Debate in Ireland

Related to my foregoing post, here's an interesting video from John Waters on the topic "The End of Debate in Ireland."

I was there! I was sitting between Desmond Fennel (a public intellectual) and Fr. Brian McKevitt (the editor of Alive!, a Catholic freesheet newspaper of a decidedly conservative bent). I introduced myself to Fr. Brian, who asked me if I represented a group. I should have said, no, I'm just some guy.

The sombre and almost apocalyptic tone of John Waters in this video reflects my own view. Political correctness, cultural Marxism (a term Waters mentions) and the stranglehold of left-liberalism is something that terrifies me, and I think many people radically underestimate how sinister and serious a threat it represents.

"Something radical and unbelievable is happening to our culture, and we are seemingly powerless to stop it." Indeed. 

It's particularly bad in Ireland, but I don't think it's essentially different here than anywhere else.

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