Thursday, November 3, 2016

Prayer Request

A very quick post to ask my readers to pray for the right result in a Student's Union referendum being held in UCD today and yesterday. The vote is on whether the UCD Student's Union should adopt a neutral stance on the subject of abortion. It's only happening because a petition to hold it got enough signatures.

Here's a link:

This is what the woman making the anti-neutrality argument says:
Voting for neutrality might seem like the reasonable thing to do in this referendum. However, when you really look at it as a whole, voting for neutrality means shutting down all conversation about abortion in our university which would be detrimental to the very idea of a university.

College is supposed to be an experience where we become more aware and more informed about social issues. Allowing our students union’ to have a pro-choice stance means that debates can be had about this issue and people can become better informed and make their own decisions about this topic. Neutrality stifles discussion and it would be a shame to see UCD become a place where healthy debate and discussion can no longer take place

 "Neutrality stifles discussion". Freedom is slavery, war is peace, ignorance is strength, propaganda is information, etc. etc.

From what I can see, the pro-neutrality camp has been much more active in campaigning, but the pro-aborts probably feel complacent enough not to campaign much. I hope they're wrong. Pray! 

(Edit, 12/11/16: Sadly, the Student's Union voted to stick with their current policy of campaiging for abortion to be introduced. But the vote for neutrality was 36 per cent. Which isn't too bad.)

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