Saturday, August 5, 2017

A Follow Up to My Post "The Dark Side of the Moon"

I recently wrote about my increasing fascination with all that pertains to man's less rationalistic, more poetic side. Here is a list of things I feel like doing lately:

1) Painting enigmatic pictures with titles like "La Rêve".

2) Writing mysterious poems along the lines of "The Listeners" by Walter De La Mare.

3) Throwing stones in ponds and watching the ripples radiate.

4) Staring into my tea-cup for extended amounts of time.

5) Learning all the folk traditions about vampires, banshees, werewovles, and so forth.

6) Watching movies with surrealistic plot elements.

Well, you get the picture.


  1. What about Pan´s Labyrinth for nr 6 on the list? Not "kosher" Catholic, but all about Spanish Civil War with strong elements of surrealistic plot elements.

    1. I must watch that movie eventually. I have some strange block regarding it. I even had the DVD ready to watch once, and didn't. Right now I don't have anything to play DVDs on, and I can't justify the expensedependent of streaming, so I'm stuck with recording films from TV.

    2. It´s a peculiar film in a way but the surrealistic streak is the main plot. I have mixed feeling for it and would not give it very high rating. Still worth seeing to make your own idea, and it can make sense to read some commentaries from the director before or after.