Friday, August 25, 2017


Pope Francis says the liturgical reforms of Vatican II are irreversible, and puts his magisterial authority behind this statement.

The article says there is still room for "rethinking the reform", but also notes that the Pope has discouraged the concept of "a reform of the reform".

As I'm not a traditionalist, this doesn't hit me as hard as it's going to hit a lot of others. But I still worry about the effect it will have. I'm amazed I only learned about it incidentally, a half an hour ago, when I visited The Catholic Herald website.

Post-script, a little later: OK, perhaps this is not as big a deal as I thought it was at first. I have not paid as much attention to liturgical controversies as other people.


  1. So Francis now has a crystal ball ... Sounds like the Pope is boasting his battered old fiat punto has no reverse gear.
    Basically this means more of the same mediocrity and banality in catholic worship. But as we all know the rapidly increasing numbers of catholics going to mass in the west proves the Pope is right.

    1. Having read the speech and various responses to it, it seems that there's really nothing new in it.

  2. To be honest,I think his words will deflate NovusOrdo neoCons more so. People who attend the '62 missal are used to being out of favour and prepared to be even more out of favour, whereas I know of a lot of people with a semi-traditional spirituality who became, especially under John Paul II, accustomed to turning every papal utterance into an infallible statement. Many of these were also apparition supporters. Francis has said that the Blessed Virgin is not a postwoman, bringing messages every day. One will have to either be selective or less ultramontane in their outlook.
    #do not throw author into muddy creek#