Thursday, March 22, 2018

On the Question of Colour

No, nothing to do with race. I'm simply wondering about colour schemes for this blog.

Around St. Patrick's Day, I usually turn the blog background green. Changing it back this year, I decided to try out grey rather than the usual light blue.

What's most restful and appealing to the eye? What do you think?


  1. Please don’t use this light gray background with gray words. It is really hard to read without squinting the eyes. Thanks.

  2. The St Patrick's Day green always gives me a laugh because it always startles me - it is so VERY green! Grey as a background is nice and soothing, but perhaps darker text would be an improvement.

    1. Well, the St. Patrick's Day green is a TRADITION, that's why I keep it up! I think I missed it last year, though, although it's impossible to tell...

      Hmm, darker text. I deliberately softened it to grey. I'll try a different combination...all comments welcome...

    2. I'd say I like it as it is now (dark text on light grey, with a sky-blue outer background

      That's why I laugh - I always expect the green, and it still startles me!