Monday, January 7, 2019

Inspiration from the Saints Round-Up

I'm going to put all the reviews and notices of my book Inspiration from the Saints into one blog post.

The and the links (where you can buy the book) have a few reviews-- five on the first and seven on the second. Some of the reviews appear on both sites.

This very positive review appeared on the Some Definite Service blog, and contains the comment on my writing that has pleased me the most, ever. (Well, aside from something my wife posted on Facebook.)

Francis Phillips of the Catholic Herald posted this lovely review on the Herald's website, and later chose it as one of her favourite spiritual books of 2018.

Fr. Donncha Ó hAodha gave the book a warm review in the journal Position Papers.

I was interviewed about the book on the Opus Dei website, with a special focus on St. Josemaria Escriva, who is often mentioned in it.

Canadian book reviewer Steven R. McEvoy included it in his list of favourite non-fiction books read in 2018. His review can be read on the Amazon links.

Peter Costello of the Irish Catholic was less enthusiastic, but his comment that the book could have been written in 1956, while not literally true, is quite insightful, and I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing. It's the second review of the article.

Roger Buck, author of The Gentle Traditionalist and Cor Jesus Sacratissimum, talks about the book in this video, around one hour and forty-seven minutes in. (Of course, it's all worth watching!).

And a Swedish reader, Tomas, reviews the book on this very blog.

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