Friday, June 18, 2021

Back to Life

Ice-creams to celebrate Ireland finally coming out of lockdown, if all-too-slowly...

We had dinner in the 777 restaurant in George's Street yesterday evening. Outdoor dining is now allowed in Ireland. Restaurants are accommodating this by making such elaborate "outdoor" spaces that the whole thing is a bit of a polite fiction. Not that I care!

Everybody was in a good mood in Dublin city centre yesterday. My wife even pointed out that people in the restaurant were talking to each other rather than looking at their mobile phones!

I haven't written much about the whole Covid thing because I think everything has been said already. When it comes to lockdowns, I'm definitely on the sceptical side, although I think it's more a case of government overreach and overreaction than some grand global conspiracy. (But who knows?)

In any case, I enjoyed the sense of release and festival that was in Dublin yesterday.


  1. So lovely to see you two are doing well! Much love from Richmond ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Not seen you on social media much ?

    1. Yes, I decided to deactivate my Facebook page indefinitely, it's too easy to get sucked in to discussions and debates that are a waste of time. Among other reasons. I'm well, hope you are too!