Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Issue Two of Leaven magazine

The second issue of Leaven, the new online Irish Catholic magazine, is now available.

It's a very handsome, professional and well-rounded production.There are articles in it about all kinds of things, including detective fiction, the portrayal of old age in cinema, and a round-table discussion on Catholic schools. I think this is the kind of breadth that Catholic discourse absolutely needs, rather than an obsessive concentration on church politics, Flannery O'Connor, J.R.R. Tolkien, and homemade beer.

And there's also an article from me in praise of the situation comedy.

Is it worth four euro, or twenty euro for a year's subsciption? Well, I guess that depends on your disposable income. I'm always irritated at ads and charitable appeals which ask for "the price of a cup of coffee". It's a long time since a cup of coffee was a trivial expense for me. The days when I bought a daily blueberry muffin and cappuccino in the UCD café, often while reading the latest issue from my First Things subscription, seems like another life. But I do think Leaven is worth supporting if it's not too much of a financial strain.


  1. I'm seeing less and less of the magazine-world as it all goes more digital. But, looking through the more political News Weekly, I came across a review of a book you might already have heard of- Paul Stenhouse msc:A Life of Wisdom, Commission and Inspiration.
    A figure that definitely marks the end of an era

  2. Amen! God rest his soul. I hadn't heard of that book, thanks for alerting me to it.

    I left some News Weeklies in the staff room and saw someone had been reading them!