Thursday, August 19, 2021

Pope Francis's Catechesis on Prayer

I discovered a few weeks ago that Pope Francis had recently delivered a catechesis on prayer during his general audiences. He began it in May 2020 and it ran right up to June of this year.

I've been reading my way through it in recent weeks, but I've found it awkward to navigate on the Vatican website (it involves clicking in and out of several screens for each instalment), and I haven't found a single series of links anywhere else, either.

Perhaps I will be providing a service by giving all the links here, in one list.

1. The Mystery of Prayer.

2. The Prayer of a Christian.

3. The Mystery of Creation.

4. The Prayer of the Righteous.







5. The Prayer of Abraham.

6. The Prayer of Jacob.

 7. The Prayer of Moses.

8. The Prayer of David.

9. Elijah's Prayer.

11. The Prayer of the Psalms 1.

11. The Prayer of the Psalms 2.

12.  Jesus, Man of Prayer.

13. Jesus, Teacher of Prayer.

14. The Persevering Prayer.

15. The Virgin Mary, Prayerful Woman.

16. The Prayer of the Nascent Church.

17. The Blessing.

18. The Prayer of Petition.

19. The Prayer of Intercession.

20. The Prayer of Thanksgiving.

21. The Prayer of Praise.

22. Prayer with the Christian Scripture

23. Praying in the Liturgy.

24. Prayer in Daily Life. 

25. Prayer and the Trinity 1. 

26. Prayer and the Trinity 2.

27. Praying in Communion with Mary.

28. Praying in Communion with the Saints.

29. The Church, Teacher of Prayer.

30. The Vocal Prayer.

31. The Meditation. 

32. Contemplative Prayer.

33. The Struggle of Prayer. 

34. Distraction, Time of Barrenness, Sloth. 

35. The Certainty of Being Heard.

36. Jesus, Model and Soul of All Prayer

37. Perseverance in Love.

38. The Paschal Prayer of Jesus For Us.

Happy praying!


  1. Thank you so much, this collection means a lot especially this year, as being the year on prayer

    1. You're welcome, thanks for the comment.

    2. I echo Bertie's sentiments--this is a great resource! It's still bearing fruit 2 1/2 years after your posting. Thank you! --amf, Iceland

    3. I'm glad, Anonymous. Never thought I would have a reader in Iceland!