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Irish Papist
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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Visceral Reactions and Knowing Which Side You're On

Imagine walking into a room and seeing three guys holding down another guy, and a fourth guy pummelling him with his fists. The healthy, decent response would be to fly to his aid, wouldn't it? You wouldn't ask yourself what had been happening before you walked into the room, or what the guy might have done to provoke this attack. Every instinct of decency would make you ally yourself with the guy on the floor.

Well, that's how I feel about many of the debates today surrounding free speech, the liberal agenda, political correctness, and so forth. It's not a matter of coolly weighing up the issues and seeing who has right on their side. I'm not really interested in the motives and considerations of those pushing political correctness. The situation seems as clear-cut to me as one guy on the floor being beaten up by three other guys. Although even that is vastly understating the imbalance of forces!

The only chivalrous and healthy response to political correctness, in my view, is to declare yourself its sworn enemy, and push back against it with all your might. If PC doesn't make your blood boil, something is wrong with your blood.


  1. ... Politics with everything, even the aftermath of the fire in London, without even going into various trials going on in US.
    Anyway,I just wanted to let you know that relatives prayed at Bl John's tomb yesterday, which they only knew about because I knew about the beatification which I may not have known about except you posted it.... So you're shining a bit of light a little further than you might imagine.
    ...and don't be afraid to say HELLO if you come across an Australian man with an Irish woman(she looks Australian and he looks Irish)

    1. Thanks, it's good to hear that I helped bring someone to Blessed Fr. John!