Thursday, June 15, 2017

No Liberalisation Will Ever Be Enough

I hadn't paid much attention to the resignation of Tim Farron, the Liberal Democrat, who said that he had to choose between his evangelical Christian faith and his political career.

Read this opinion piece to see what he was up against. The comments,however, are encouraging.

Apparently, Farron was hounded with question about his views on homosexuality, even though he voted for gay marriage and said (contradicting the apostle Paul) that gay "sex" isn't a sin!

Isn't it quite obvious, at this stage, that accommodation is a futile pursuit and that no amount of liberalisation will ever be enough? Every concession and watering-down will simply be a prelude to another, and another, and another....going down that road is a complete waste of time. Liberal Christianity is a religion called liberalism sprinkled with some Christian seasoning.


  1. SĂ©amus (Australia)June 16, 2017 at 4:52 AM

    The reaction here to former tennis champion Margaret Court and her views on gay marriage and subsequent boycott of Qantas are bizarre, especially calls to rename the Court Arena in Melbourne. Boy George, who seems to be stationed in Australia at present has suggested calling it GLITTER BALL STADIUM.
    How lovely.
    We've been through this a few years ago, people were threatening to decorate the Court stadium with rainbows for the Australian Open. She said she'd approve, as the rainbow always reminded her of Genesis.
    But no rainbows turned up. I daresay most people who can afford tickets to these things have more to be doing.

    1. I quite like "Glitter Ball Stadium"...

      I agree that the rainbow has to be reclaimed from the homosexualist movement. Why should they be allowed to own it?

  2. Look up St Joan of Arc painting by Annie Swynnerton for thoroughly Catholic rainbow

  3. Except that Swynnerton was bound to be Anglican