Monday, June 5, 2017

My Crazy Dreams

This is how my diary entry begins today:
Vivid dreams. I dreamed Donald Trump was my boss/teacher in UCD/DIT. I remember walking behind him with a load of my colleagues and thinking, "How strange he can be our teacher as well as President of America." I also had yet another Christmas dream-- I was in a big shopping centre, and I got frustrated at how slowly people were moving in front of me when I was going up an escalator (a very frequent problem in real life, although not on escalators). I climbed over onto the "down" escalator. A large black woman behind me, a friendly woman, warned me that wouldn't work, but I was up it in a moment, and I felt jubilant, like I'd won. And I seem to remember eating some tinsel in the shop, for some reason, though I can't remember exactly why.

I also dreamed I'd missed a meeting of the Staff Working Group. The library was a large, lavish building on various levels-- well, I guess it is in reality, but it was more modern. I was walking past the room where the meeting was being held and I saw that they were all sitting outside in the corridor doing some kind of meditation, so I fled.


  1. the mention of your university reminds me... There were different opinions about uni fees expressed on the Forum. I'm not university educated, but from what I can see-and heaps of people attend uni here,I imagine it's much easier to do so, so I know or am related to many- the HECS fees system in Australia seems to work very well in most cases. I.E. paying the government in debt installments whenever one has a full time job, after graduation. There are some abuses, certainly. A lot work overseas for years without repaying the government- hypothetically that would probably occur more in Europe/Ireland, but mostly it seems a benefit to the country. Of course Catholic or private universities require money up front, even then,I know NotreDame at Fremantle have their own private loan system