Friday, April 27, 2012

Father Brian D'Arcy Clapped in Irons by the Vatican!

Erm, no, not really. Instead, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has demanded he files his newspaper articles to a church censor before publication, when these articles touch upon matters of faith and morals.

One would think that this is eminently reasonable. Father D'Arcy (who has questioned Church teaching on clerical celibacy and homosexuality) has the platform that he does because he is a Catholic priest. If any Catholic priest uses this platform to air opinions contrary to Catholic teaching, it's a bit like a restaurant putting up an Egon Ronay plaque when they are not entitled to it.

Hopefully, Father D'Arcy, who is doubtless a very good man, will now use his talents to support Catholic teaching, rather than question it.

Meanwhile, The Irish Catholic this week reports on a new lay initiative to support the Pope and orthodox Catholic teaching. The Association of Catholic Faithful is sending a letter to the Pope in which they describe themselves as "reaffirming our fidelity to the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, and to the Magisterium and teaching of the Catholic Church."

The article continues: "To add your name to this initiative, or the name of the apostolate or prayer group that you belong to, email your name, address and phone number (for verification purposes) to or call 085-1295252".

This is a fine initiative. Unfortunately, in this world, dissent and opposition is given more attention than loyalty and service. We hear all about the wanton vandalism and puerile posturing of the May 1968 riots in Paris and throughout France, but who remembers that the Gaullist counter-demonstration was at least as big and possibly bigger than any of the radical gatherings? And that De Gaulle won a landslide in the election that year, supported by the great peacable and law-abiding majority?

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