Thursday, April 5, 2012

Nice Holy Week Meditation from Peter Hitchens

"Something about the weather and the sky at this time of year, combined with my good fortune in having many times visited Jerusalem...makes each spring twilight very poignant. It is easy to imagine the surreptitious gathering, the expedition to the Garden of Gethsemane (gardens are everywhere in the Bible, and a tiny trace of Gethsemane still, astonishingly, survives), while the arresting party assembles, Judas nerves himself for his treacherous kiss, and then the chilly early morning where Peter warms himself by the fire and betrays his master, and the agitators prepare the mob for the show trial, and the orchestrated calls for the release of Barabbas, which will follow soon afterwards.

Read the whole post on his blog (it's very short).

Peter Hitchens might well be my favourite living writer. He writes so profoundly about so many topics, but it is obvious that his entire worldview centres upon his Anglican faith, fragile and tentative as he admits that faith to be.

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