Sunday, April 29, 2012

Giovanni Trappatoni and Enda Kenny are climbing Croagh Patrick together..

...and when they reach the top, Trappatoni lifts his arms in the air and says, "Oh God, please save this miserable wretch from the punishment that his infamous actions deserve!".

"Take it easy, Trapp", says the Taoiseach. "I think you're being a bit tough on yourself there."

"I wasn't talking about me!" says Trappatoni.

(For the benefit of my non-Irish readers, Enda Kenny is Ireland's Taoiseach or prime minister. Last year he launched a blistering attack on the Vatican in a now-famous speech, and his government has closed Ireland's embassy to the Holy See. He also wants us to sign away our economic independence to the European Union in an upcoming referendum. Giovanni Trappatoni is the manager of the Irish soccer team, who this summer are competing in the European Championship Finals. He's also a pious Catholic. On Friday they joined in a charity climb up Croagh Patrick, a mountain that is one of Ireland's most popular pilgrimages. The opportunity seemed too good to resist...I hope it gives birth to some better jokes than that one!)

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