Thursday, May 2, 2013

Recommended Reading

Impending nuptials grow ever more impending. Here I am in a suit shop trying on suits. (What's with the crazy hair, you ask? I tend to avoid the barber's for as long as possible, although I usually don't let it go as wild as it did here. It's shorn now. I felt a little like Rod Stewart, putting on suits while my hair was so frazzled.)

I probably won't have much time to blog (yeah, I know I said that a few weeks ago), so I thought I might be excused a little self-indulgence. I'm putting up links to my personal favourite posts from this blog-- the ones I liked writing the most, and in which I discuss the subjects nearest to my heart-- so that people surfing through cyberspace and landing here will have something to keep them chewing, if they so wish, while I'm away.

Here is a popular post in which I wonder why C.S. Lewis never became a Catholic.

Here is a review of an infamous sixties documentary about Ireland called The Rocky Road to Dublin (of course, it blamed most of the country's woes on the Catholic Church).

Here is a post about television that I put some effort into.

Here is a fun poem about why I am a conservative, and how I like old stuff simply because it's old. (Well, I think it's a fun poem, anyway.)

Here is one for Christian Trekkies. I put a lot of work into it.

Here is my own favourite post that I wrote, a hymn of praise to my favourite film of all time, Groundhog Day.

Here is another post I put a lot of effort into, about my fascination with the whole idea of debate.

Here is an account of a pre-Cana course that me and Michelle did last summer.

Why I am not a feminist.

This account of a John Waters talk attracts a fair amount of traffic.

Regarding the commercialization of religious holidays.

I liked this post, even if nobody else did.

I defend clich├ęs.

I enthuse about daily Mass.

I defend organized religion.

I discuss my own difficulties with Christian belief.

Here is my account of how I came to my Catholic faith, from the site Why I'm Catholic.

That lot may while away some idle hours at a computer. If you still have time on your hands, here are some wonderful posts by my favourite philosopher Edward Feser. Here he wonders why liberalism rules the roost in universities, and here he insists on the need for a metaphysical basis for conservatism.

If even that isn't sufficient, well, there's always Snopes.

I'll be back!


  1. Dear M,
    I wonder if you would do a short post about or give a link to my new blog which is intended to provide a forum for those who would be interested in discussing the establishment of an Ordinariate in Ireland? The more people that know about it the better ... and the more support it has in the wider Catholic community the better also!
    God Bless

    1. Sorry, I thought the blog url would link directly to my name. It's:


  2. Hey, look at you in a new suit! Ok Mister, what did you do this time to land yourself in court?!

    My nephew has a head of hair like you, he shaved it off by himself once. Gollum. No joke. It was frightening to look at so it was. I kept referring to him as "My Pretty" and wringing my hands whenever he talked to me. He has gone to the barber since that fateful day.

    Are you getting excitable now? I will have that Mass said for ye both, I have to organise it along with a host of others who need one said for them. It's on the to-do list.

    Good luck with the upcoming wedding and stay friends with the barber My Pretty...


  3. Thank you! I tried cutting my own hair once, with a shaver, and it was a similar disaster.