Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Intellect and Christian Evangelization

Dr William Lane Craig, the prominent American philosopher of religion, explains the importance of the one to the other.

It's interesting that at one point he says that evangelization in Europe is "immeasurably" more difficult than in America, as Europe has become so hostile to the gospel. He should know, as he spent thirteen years in Europe and spoke in many universities here.

I think the importance of this subject simply cannot be exaggerated. Christianity is essentially an evangelistic religion; but now more than ever, in Europe especially, evangelism is imperative.

And an intellectual basis for Christianity is essential for evangelization, since appeals to emotion, aesthetics, social cohesion, self-fulfilment, or nostalgia simply isn't going to cut it. (Of course, there is a place for all those things, as well. If God made man to find his ultimate happiness in Himself, than it stands to reason that religion would "tick all our boxes", so to speak. But they need to be accompanied by some intellectual rigour.)

Dr. Craig is an appealingly avuncular figure, and I especially like the cosy sweater he is wearing in this video. The Chrismas tree lights in the background add to this sense of cosiness.

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  1. And of course if Christians don't evangelise, because we're just too 'nice' to 'force' our morality on others or whatever, the vacuum we leave will be filled by others ... others who won't worry about being nice ...