Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The BBC Website Makes a Joke Out Of Hell

The facts are sufficiently solid, but the tone is one of barely-concealed facetiousness.

If you believe there is any chance at all that your immortal soul might not attain the fulfilment it was created for-- the only thing that ultimately matters-- how could you be flippant about it?

Even before I was a believing Christian, I could never enjoy horror stories where somebody's immortal soul was at stake.

"In modern times Christians have become increasingly sceptical about Hell", the article informs us. How much is unsaid in such a simple sentence!


  1. Hi M ... they joke because they don't believe ... they don't believe because if they believed they'd have to change ... but it's like what Archbishop Fulton Sheen told the man who said he didn't believe in hell: they will when they get there.