Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sex Lives of the Great Dictators

Across from Furniture De Luxe
And next door to The French Connection
There stands a shop called Bargain Books
That has no Social Studies section;
It stocks The World of Sherlock Holmes
And The Britannia Book of Traitors
But foremost out of all its tomes
Is Sex Lives of the Great Dictators.

The world is very, very world
And very, very complicated
And packed with wonderments untold
And masterworks by celebrated
Poets and painters. Adam's seed
Has walked among the lunar craters
But man can still find time to read
The Sex Lives of the Great Dictators.

Did Pol Pot like his shoulders rubbed?
Did Stalin like hair straight or curly?
Did Hitler like 'em primped and scrubbed
Or did he prize the frazzled girly?
Did him and Eva take it slow
Or were they frantic, noisy maters?
If all these things you wish to know
Read Sex Lives of the Great Dictators.

I know and love full many a shop
Whose shelves are crammed with dog-eared wonders
Where Kipling cracks his riding crop
And Shelley sighs, and Belloc thunders;
These places all deserve their shout
But I am glad that someone caters
For those who want to read about
The Sex Lives of the Great Dictators.

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