Monday, April 8, 2013

The Wonderful Gerry Adams Shows His Deep Humanity Once Again

What better time than the day a woman passes away to launch a blistering attack upon her memory?

This from the man whose mantra, some years ago, was that he refused to engage in "the politics of condemnation".

You don't have to agree with somebody's politics to show a proper respect for the dead and for bereavment. It would seem that Sinn Féin have little respect for either end of life's journey-- seen more recently in their shameful blocking of anti-abortion legislation in Northern Ireland.

I despise everything about Sinn Féin. Their philosophy has nothing to do with patriotism, nothing to do with Catholicism, nothing to do with freedom, and nothing to do with liberality. It is instead a philosophy of hatred and negation-- anti-British, anti-tradition, anti-Church, anti-life.


  1. If you don't mind, can you explain Ireland's party philosophies? Would Fine Gael be on the right of Sinn Féin?

  2. Everybody is on the right of Sinn Féin; Sinn Féin are quasi-Marxist, although I am perfectly sure they will drop this part of their philosophy quicker than a dumb-bell if they ever get into government. But as usual, the social aspects of their Marxism will be retained when they drop the economic parts.

    As for Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil, it would take a wiser and more knowledgeable person than me to explain them. They are basically catch-all parties; Fine Gael were socially more liberal in the past (I think) but now are rather less so than Fianna Fáil. I read recently that Mass-goers and people of a pro-life persuasion are more likely to vote for Fine Gael. We don't really have a conservative party here.

    Labour are a social democrat party but much more interested in their social agenda, abortion and same-sex marriage and so forth.