Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Bard's Apprentice-- Down for Essential Repairs

Unfortunately, my serialized story The Bard's Apprentice is down for repairs. Antaine pointed out a few minor flaws in the narrative, such as a new character appearing out of nowhere, and other characters swapping names in a promiscuous way. I could plead artistic experimentation, but I'll come clean and admit they were honest gaffes and I'll have to run my eye over the story more carefully. It's so long since I wrote it, I honestly can't remember who the character who is introduced so unceremoniously is supposed to be.

I suspect it was a result of renaming characters and then forgetting to change all the mentions of them.

Fox, Grandy, Jasma and company will be back!


  1. Hi again Maolsheachlann. Sorry about that. I read the next chapter, so I hope you don't mind me pointing out 2 minor things I noticed. In one paragraph you say Jasma told "him" something about Piper. I know you're referring to Fox, but I don't think Fox is mentioned for some time so there is a bit of initial confusion in that sentence. Also, in the next paragraph you say Piper stole the gem from someone in "our" city, but nobody is actually talking when you write this.

    Sorry for being a bit nitpicky. The story is still a great read.

  2. Don't apologize, you are doing me a favour! Thanks!